Monday, June 14, 2010

"I am not afraid, I was born to do this!"

My dreams have been challenged. My support system isn't what I thought it was. It is disappointing. But one thing for sure is that I have sacrificed far too much to give up on my dreams now. I am not usually one that works with negative reinforcement however this time I am motivated. I will prove you wrong. I cannot wait for the day you apologize to me for not believing in my dreams. As soon as I found out about my "challenge," I decided to rewrite my cover letter. I will probably clean it up a little but it won't be formal. Formality, doesn't express desire. What do you think?

I am the person that will take you to the next level. You haven’t met me yet. You will and I hope to prove to you that this is what I want to be doing. This is the industry I have dreamt of being in since I was a sophomore in high school. Music is my life. I am in a difficult position. I didn’t go to Belmont. I don’t have parents that have connections in Nashville. I am older than most that approach you for jobs. I knew all these were obstacles prior to moving to Nashville. I didn’t care. I want this. All I need is an opportunity. Maybe that is a lot to ask. But you got to where you are now because you were the kid that was like me – hungry. Determined. Passionate. Driven. I am creative. I think outside of the box. I speak social networking. I crave viral marketing. I will promote anything to anybody and I am damn positive I can sell a Ford truck to the CEO of General Motors. I am adaptable. You put me in a situation and I will genuinely find a way to make a connection with that person but I will not bullshit you. I tell it like it is. If I don’t like a song, I tell that person. The industry is too full of crap to let it continue.

The music business is dying. I want to be part of the solution. I am ruthless. I am a mercenary and I will fight to my death for the people and projects I believe in. I am a learner and a person that enjoys serving. I will gladly get your coffee. And I will have your drink ready at 5pm. I just want the opportunity to show someone what I can do. I can’t get the internship because I already have a college degree. I am willing to start out making copies or sorting and delivering mail. I will walk your dog and teach him how to sit. I will work 25 hours a day.

I might come off as arrogant but I am not. I am confident in my abilities. There is a difference between arrogance and confidence. Being arrogant is strictly the act of showing your lack of self-confidence. I believe I will be the person to help you reach your goals. Just give me a chance to make you proud that you were the first to put your trust in me, just like that one special person did in your life.

And my video? It's only fitting!

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